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Multi Function WiFi data Network Adapter
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  • RJ-45 for internet connection to connect the WIFI
  • The WiFi Data + Network Adapter is a wireless portable network attach storage device (using USB Flash or USB Hard Drives of capacity of 2Tb)
  • It uses its WiFi to share wirelessly stream videos, music, pictures and documents to multiple devices simultaneously (For iPHONE, iPad, iPOD, Android, Laptop devices)
  • Dual USB Port 1A/2.1A
  • Fuse: 2.5A
  • Plug and Socket: US / AU / UK / EU
  • Dimension: 63mm X 68mm X 67mm
  • This WiFi Data+Network adapter is rated to be used with appliance of power up to 275W at 110V AC or 600W at 240V AC, Any higher power appliances is not compatible to be safely used and may cause danger.

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